A Proactive Claims Management Approach
We set goals at the beginning of our partnership, then monitor and measure them daily so that everyone – adjusters, supervisors, account managers and vendors – is striving to obtain the same goals. Our claims team works side-by-side with each client to realize improved medical outcomes, have employees return to work faster and consistently achieve lower overall claim costs.
How We Do It
  • Low Caseload

    By keeping each adjuster’s caseload low, our team has the capacity to diligently monitor each claim and ensure the most favorable outcome through collaboration with the injured worker, medical providers, and claims service personnel.

  • Accountability

    Fostering a culture of accountability inspires our team to develop long term relationships, to be bold with their abilities to manage claims and to achieve established goals without the client having to monitor every aspect of the claim.

  • Data-Driven

    With critical claims data at our fingertips, our team monitors, measures, and consistently finds innovative ways of elevating the outcome of a claim through utilization of E3VA, our visual analytics platform.

Reaching Goals
Using data to provide actionable insights, NLA empowers our clients to plan, execute, and drive results to achieve their organizational goals.

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