Client Portal

Client Portal

NLA provides our clients with direct access to the management of their claims. Whether checking a claim’s status, running a report or gathering loss run data, we’ve put the information at each client’s fingertips.

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Report a Claim

Report a Claim

New claims may be reported 24/7/365 via our client portal, email, fax or mail. All claim submissions are reviewed by an NLA representative to confirm accuracy and eliminate possible duplication.

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Find a Medical Provider

Locate a network medical provider, create a panel or medical directory via the medical provider portal.

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Physician Panel

Obtain or Create Physician Panels

Obtain an established physcian panel or create a panel tailored to your needs.

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E3VA – Achieving Better Results with Data
Next Level Administrators provides goal-oriented workers’ compensation solutions with E3VA, our powerful visual analytic platform.

Robust Dashboard
  • Robust Dashboard
  • Robust Dashboard

    Our E3VA dashboards provides accessibility and control over data for each client when they want it, how they want it and wherever they want it.

Full Data Flexibility
  • Full Data Flexibility
  • Full Data Flexibility

    Each client can review and evaluate data from the highest level down to the smallest detail, allowing them to understand what is impacting outcomes, identify frequency and severity concerns by location and establish performance and accountability goals.

Promote Better Outcomes
  • Promote Better Outcomes
  • Promote Better Outcomes

    With powerful insight, each client can manage risks smarter and drive consistent results faster.

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